·         How much sample is required for XRD analysis?
When quantitative analysis is required we spray dry most of the samples sent to us for XRD analysis, and for this method of sample preparation we require a minimum of 3 grams of sample for analysis.
If it is not possible for you to send us 3 grams of sample please contact us using the details provided on the bottom of this page as we will be happy to discus alternative XRD preparation and analysis techniques.
·         What is the turnaround time for analysis?
Turnaround time for a small number of samples is usually 4-5 working days. If a large number of samples are sent to us then obviously turnaround time will increase.
Turnaround time will also depend on the type and number of different analyses requested.
·         Is it possible to have rapid/24 hour turnaround on sample analysis?
Yes it is possible to have rapid turnaround analysis but the actual turnaround time depends on the type and number of samples sent to us.
·         How can we get samples to you?
Samples can be sent to us in the post or via courier. They may also be dropped off in person to our reception.
·         Can my samples be returned to me?
If any sample remains after analysis then we can arrange to return it to you. If we have spray dried the sample we can also return that along with any un-used material.
·         How will I receive my results/report?
Results are sent out in an electronic report format via the Institute Analytical email address. This report will briefly outline the methods used and results will be displayed accordingly.