Knowledge Transfer

In addition to our extensive analytical and consulting services we engage in a number of activities designed to transfer our knowledge and expertise to the wider community.

Foremost amongst these activities are the sale of our spray drying kits for X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) sample preparation and our delivery of in-depth courses of clay mineralogy by international experts in the field. 

The spray drying technique which was perfected at the James Hutton (formerly Macaulay) Institute is the foundation of our world class methods of quantitative analysis of materials by XRPD.  This is because the specimens produced by spray drying are true random powder samples and the reproducibility of sample preparation that is achieved as a result is an ideal starting point for any subsequent method of quantitative analysis of XRPD data.  The technology is available for purchase.

Delivery of commercial courses in clay mineralogy is another speciality.