Surface Area and Porosity

Specific surface area and porosity measurement are made using a Coulter SA3100. This instrument can characterise the surface properties of solids, which are both porous and non-porous. The measurement of the specific surface area (metres squared per gram) includes the effects of ‘roughness’, quantity of open pores and their size distribution. These measurements are made by nitrogen gas adsorption.

Specific surface area can be measured from 0.001 to >2000m2g-1.

Pore size distributions can be measured from 2 to 200nm (20-2000Å) diameter.

Standard analysis offered includes a 10-point BET surface area and porosity measurement, or a full surface area and porosity (BJH) report with the report containing the isotherms and numerical data produced.

The SA3100 has multiple calculation models available as follows: Single and Multi-point BET surface area, Langmuir surface area, Mesopore volume distribution, Mesopore area distribution, Total pore volume, and t-plot. These may also be included in analysis.

 N adsorption isotherm