About Us

Hutton ClaysAndMinerals.com

is the commercial services arm of the mineralogy group at The James Hutton Institute.

We are a modern, extremely well equipped and staffed research group routinely undertaking a wide variety of mineralogical investigations and specialising in the investigation of materials that contain clay minerals.  We operate under the banner of James Hutton Limited.

We offer the highest quality mineralogical analysis services available and our analytical excellence is assured.

Our expertise with instrumental methods of analysis, including X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, and infrared spectroscopy is world class. It is founded on a long history of mineralogy and particularly clay mineralogy research and investigation at The James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen, which was formed in April 2011 and incorporated the former Macaulay Institute.

Minerals and clay minerals are encountered in a wide variety of natural and man made materials, and we routinely work with samples of soils, sediments, rocks and industrial raw materials from all over the world.

Additionally, we frequently apply our methods and expertise to the analysis of corrosion products, scales, cements and other materials where the integrated expert interpretation of data from the combination of techniques such as XRD, FTIR, and SEM is central to a successful result.

Our clients represent a wide spectrum of sectors and industry, including petroleum, industrial minerals, ceramics, environmental, and research.  We are confident that the services we offer are world class, and many of our methods are UKAS accredited an additional guarantee of the quality of our services.

Image showng Oil rigOpen Cast miningIMage showing Chemical symbols with a molecular structure as a backgroundWaste from Oil Industry


Our website is organised into sections on the types of Materials that we analyse, the Methods we use including the sorts of information and data generated, the Equipment we use to implement our methods, and our highly trained and qualified Staff who are at the core of our business. Additionally, we have sections on aspects of Knowledge Transfer that include details of our commercially available spray drying equipment used for XRD sample preparation, and details of specialist courses.  We also have a section detailing our Clay Technology Unit which aims to integrate our specialist knowledge of clay mineralogy with the physico-chemical properties of clay materials and so provide a more in depth understanding of the behaviour of clay materials, for example problem shales, and especially how they interact with fluids.